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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Eating La Vida Loca...

If you are eating gluten free, you already know that it's a complicated lifestyle. I swear I spend more time sorting my cupboards and figuring out foods then I spend commuting (and I commute a lot!). Our cupboards have an invisible line down them...one side is all my gluten free booty and the other side is the gluten infested stuff that my husband and baby girl survive on. Some stuff has merged, such as pasta and well, pasta, but the rest is still divided. After almost four years of living with a Celiac, if I write GF on something, my husband knows not to eat it out of fear of getting stabbed with a butter knife. I have my own peanut butter, jam, soy sauce, butter and mayonnaise (until we use this stuff up and get back to the squeezeable variety). In face, squeezeable ketchups, mustard, relish and mayo are WAY easier in our lives! I don't have my own toaster (yet, but soon), but we have a four slice toaster and the right side is only for my toast. My husband has learned to keep my stuff separate, not to use utensils that have touched gluten to touch my stuff. Yep, sometimes it's exhausting!
But thanks to my very accommodating husband, we make it work. Going out, that's a different story! But I have to say that since I've been diagnosed, most of the people in my life have been fabulous about my "condition," I've been known to get sappy over a special cheesecake set aside just for me that has no graham crust, which means I too can enjoy a homemade dessert with everyone. Another friend, my best friend, is always on the look out for yummy gluten free treats and knows how hard it is to find stuff!
But even the best intentions, people still don't really understand my disease and how double dipping a knife in butter or putting my toast in the toaster oven AFTER regular toast has been prepared can be such a danger to me. Sometimes I get so tired of explaining why gluten can be in so many things that don't make sense, like lipstick, or toothpaste, or seasonings, or soy sauce, or bacon...some days, I just want to wake up and not look at a single label and just eat whatever the heck I feel like...so what happens if I feel like Tim Hortons Timbits?

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