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Monday, August 22, 2011

Don't gluten me please!

I went to a concert last week at Ontario Place (Def Leppard with Heart-beyond amazing fyi!) and though I knew I would have trouble finding something to eat, my friends and I hit up the Lakeside Grille and I hoped for the best (it was either that or Pizza Pizza or Chicken Chicken or vendors). I got a plain cheesburger with no bun but after handing me one WITH a bun (though I told both the cashier AND the server), they FINALLY got me a plain burger. I loaded it up with ketchup and cut up and ate my burger (I swear I'm gonna start carrying gf buns with me!). It wasn't fabulous but it filled the hunger gap better than a bag of chips. I was fine most of the night but just in case the beef hurt me, I popped in two Tums, hoping to alleviate any gurgling. I got home, went to bed and two hours later, woke up curled into a ball and in agony. I made it to the bathroom and proceeded to curse out the food for the rest of the night. I got up only to drop off Abby at daycare (cause I sure as heck couldn't take care of a rambuctious toddler while dealing with being sick like this) and crawled back into bed. I managed to get some tea and dry cereal in me and by 3 p.m., managed to finish off my gluten attack. After being prodded by a chef and good friend, I emailed Ontario Place and expressed my disappointment in both lack of food options for those of us with food allergies and lack of awareness of how to treat it (the server looked at me like I was high on crack!). I got a response saying they took it "very seriously" and told me to bring my own food in a cooler and store it there. Thanks for your comments and please come again. Yeah, screw you! No offering me a free pass or voucher or anything. Just thanks for your comments and we'll do what we can. Pish posh...I hate being tossed aside. You think I asked to be like this? That I enjoy going to places that treat me like I have the plague and just want me to go away? Grrr...I lost a day of work, respect for an establishment and who knows what my insides are looking like? I do my best to be careful...but it's like no matter how hard I try, I get sick and then back to square one...I wish I could just give this up like it was a sucky diet...guess not huh?

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