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Monday, November 21, 2011

Eating out GF

Eating at home is easy, comfortable, cheaper...and boring. Sometimes it's nice not to have to agonize over what to cook, then make the necessary mess and then have to clean it all up after. But man, sometimes, eating out is MORE stressful!
My husband doesn't have celiac so he's good to go anywhere. Me? I can't go anywhere because truthfully, despite more and more people understanding how to deal with allergies, I still seem to end up with the dum dums who don't know and I get sick.
But there are a few places I eat and don't fear being glutened. Boston Pizza (with their super yummy...albeit small pizza), Milestones (I could die a happy death eating their gf tomato basil spaghettini!) and that's about it. I have a bone to pick with all these restaurants offering "gluten free options". Wow, thanks for letting me know I can safely eat all the different kinds of sauce for wings...but NOT the wings. So what the heck am I supposed to put the sauce on? My fingers? And telling me I can eat the salad but like none of the dressings? I went to Kelsey's and asked for their allergen menu...wow, was THAT ever disappointing! Pretty much my only option was a steak and potato. In fact, all I ever eat when I go out is either a plain chicken breast with a potato or a steak with a potato. Joy! Grr...
Would it be so hard to keep a small stash of gluten free stuff to make for us poor pathetic Celiacs? A loaf of bread for garlic bread? Some dry gf pasta for dinner? One dessert other than plain vanilla ice cream? An appetizer? I know small restaurants can't do that...not enough space...but these big chains have massive kitchens, counter space, ovens, grills, etc. It really wouldn't be that hard. I do it in my kitchen...juggle gf and regular food and it's just a matter of proper storage and a few supplies kept together and a clean surface...heck, let me in there for 10 minutes and I can make my own damn supper...ok, probably defeating the purpose of eating out...but I want savory, exciting meals again! I pay $18 for a plain steak and potato...it sucks! I'd rather have a yummy bowl of gf pasta, some oven toasted cheesy gf garlic bread and a apple crumble for dessert...is that TOO much to ask for? Sigh...now I'm hungry...


  1. Peggy... I'm thinking out loud here, but what if you could get a GF meal delivered to your door? Like GF meals on wheels!!! Business plan in the making here... Have you been to the Naked Sprout? Here in Burlington... It's amazing (bonus vegan)..if you care.

  2. Yeah but the cost would be too much. Eating at home is fairly cheap since Clayton and I usually cook. It's when I go out to supper that I have issues with finding good places to go and have options. I haven't been to the Naked Sprout yet. I know there's another place in Burlington right in Village Square that has gluten free fajitas, pizza, wraps, etc. That was actually super awesome...forgot about that...and not too bad price wise either. And they actually have a gf meals on wheels type of thing in this area...well, they used to..it was called My Silver Lining and they delivered gf meals and stuff to your door.