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Monday, July 18, 2011

Expanding my culinary horizons

It's funny when I think back to before I had Celiac. I've always been a "picky" eater. I don't really like veggies and I like my junk food too much. I know...time to shoot me huh? I know the arguments, I know I need to eat healthier...but well, I suck at it. But once I was diagnosed with Celiac, suddenly I had to rethink my entire food philosophy. A lot of things I had tried over the years (not usually of my own accord and I usually fought it kicking and screaming...I'm really sorry Mom!) but being an adult, I could choose to just not eat it or even buy it and who would ever know. But having to change a lot of my foods, I suddenly floundered to find ways to make my gf stuff taste relatively good. I delved into the world of seasonings. I experimented with new flavours and discovered something cool. I wasn't actually doing TOO badly. It forced me out of my comfort zone of food and suddenly I was eating roasted red pepper and tomato soup (cause I can no longer eat just plain tomato soup), I was eating spinach and four cheese pizza (instead of pepperoni or ham and cheese), I was dicing tomatoes and eating them in my pasta to give it more flavour, cooking stuff with chopped up onions, red and green peppers (even though I don't eat the peppers, I ate sweet potatoes at Thanksgiving and even tried asparagus...I'm working on it people!!) and making fruit smoothies with flax seeds and tons of fruit. I've even bought the V8 Fusion juice for Abby and drink it myself...because it's a sneaky way to get the veggies in me! And having Abby, I'm very conscious of how my hang ups can become hers. So I've always given her a variety of fruits and veggies...she's eaten cauliflower, broccoli, spinach, brussel sprouts, asparagus, as well as the common peas, carrots, corn, beans, etc. When I was feeding her the jarred stuff, I forced myself to take a bite (or mouthful) of whatever she was eating just to make myself aware of what was going into her mouth...fyi...pasty veggies NOT good! LOL
Now, whenever I cook, I try to reach for something different for different flavours. I keep onions in my fridge all the time, as well as carrots, tomatoes and tons of fruit. If I won't eat it straight up, I mince, dice, chop, cook or blend it to make it more palatable for my picky little tastebuds. I think I've even impressed my mom and aunt when they see what I'm eating...especially my poor mom who tried her darnedest to get veggies in my tightly closed mouth many many MANY times! She's very proud...I asked. I hope Abby doesn't share my aversion for veggies but I hope to be a good role model for trying stuff at least. I won't force it on her but if I can at least try a bite, so can she. If we don't like it, we don't eat it. But if she or I (or Clayton) likes it, I will make sure that it's something I keep in the house for us. Cause tastebuds can develop and change as we grow up. I still like my junk food but I enjoy a good mixed spring mix (with arugula, romaine, spinach-when before it was iceberg or nothing) salad, with grilled chicken, hard boiled eggs chopped up, cheese, tomatoes and topped off with honey dijon dressing. I actually crave it! So even us picky eaters can be taught...even if it takes us 33 years to get there! But if I eat at your house and don't eat your veggies (yes, I'm talking about you Lyndsie!!!) I still love you for trying but my lips and mouth are firmly closed...give me time, I might eventually get there...just as long as you have a damn good dessert! Gluten free of course!


  1. Good for you! I think it's all just part of "growing up." I've come a long way in the last decade foodwise. I was a big junkfood eater and didn't know the first thing about cooking. The smart ones, like us, force it upon ourselves to learn and grow. It also helps to have had great examples in our moms!

  2. Yeah, I'm trying a little at a time. Not sure I can go vegan because I do love my "meat" but I don't eat much red meat because I notice it makes me all "digestively yucky", so I typically stick to the other stuff. I like how you do the juicing, but again, with working full time, I find making the time to do stuff is hard...hard to commit to. I want to but time...it's a work in progress...

  3. Thank you very much! I added my site to your site for submission and added you to my blog. I appreciate it!